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Difficult to install 5.0_STABLE on Dell PE2970


I'm trying to install NetBSD/amd64 5.0_STABLE on Dell PE2970 but it's been very difficult so far...

I've done boot -c and

disable pckbc
disable pckbd

and the system boots fine into sysinst. However, I'm unable to install from a CD because I'm getting

svwsata0:1:0: lost interrupt
type: atapi tc_bcount: 32 tc_skip: <something>
svwsata0:1:0: bus-master DMA error: missing interrupt
svwsata0:1:0: device timeout, <something>
svwsata0:1:0: reset failed
cd0(svwsata0:1:0): generic HBA error

Next I tried to install from our FTP server but sysinst dump core like this...

Which device shall I use? [bnx0]: [1] Segmentation fault (core dumped)

At that point bnx0 had an address and I was able to ping the FTP server.

Next I'll try to copy the sets to some USB stick and mount it and see if I'm able to install NetBSD on this server...


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