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Re: sun2 and playstation2 ports to be moved into Attic

John Nemeth wrote:
On Apr 4, 11:42pm, David Holland wrote:
} However, that assumes one still exists somewhere.
I have an operational 2/120 with NetBSD 4.0 loaded on it. Once upon a time, this machine was the authoritative website for the Sun Hardware Reference, back when I was still working on the SHR. The machine could still do that, but now that I'm in an apartment I can't justify the power/heat/noise load of running a 2/120 versus what it can do.

I'm thinking of giving it and the 2/50 (VME-based, not supported by NetBSD at all) away. The 2/120 is never going back into service -- I can still find a production use for a Sun-3, but not a -2 -- and the 2/50 doesn't have a current OS it can run; they belong in a museum somewhere, or a real collection, not moldering in my closet.

} What's different between it and other m68k ports? I've never seen a
} clear explanation.

     No idea.
Can the 68010 support PIC?

--James Birdsall

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