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Re: Recent /bin/sh breakage

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote:
> I'm running daily automated tests of NetBSD-current which consist of
> building an i386 release and then installing and booting it in a
> virtual machine using Anita (misc/py-anita in pkgsrc).
> As of CVS date 2009., the system succesfully installs,
> but the installed system doesn't boot

Sorry, I misread the log file - it actually crashes shortly after
booting the INSTALL kernel, not while booting the installed system.

>    root on md0a dumps on md0b
>    root file system type: ffs
>    warning: no /dev/console
>    UVM: pid 2 (sh), uid 0 killed: out of swap

That was using "qemu -m 32", emulating 32 MB of memory.  If I increase
the amount of memory to 40 MB, the installation gets a bit further,
and with 50 MB, the installation is successful.

A build from 2009. sources installs with just 24 MB of
memory, so it looks like something gained a whole lot of bloat during
those 24-odd hours (not necessarily /bin/sh itself, though).

It's still broken as of 2009. (with 32 MB).
Andreas Gustafsson,

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