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Re: Exponential failure wrote:

> I wanted to build a -current kernel in an 5.0.1 machine, in order to
> test a patch.
> I tried kernel, but in the next boot NetBSD was unable to
> mount root. It turned out that I had to build modules as well. This
> could be documented in `tracking netbsd current' section in our guide,

I guess you are talking about
which is not integrated into the NetBSD Guide.

Currently it mentions:
>> If you try to build -current, either from a snapshot or an earlier -current,
>> and it doesn't work, don't panic. Try these steps:
>>    1. Read the src/UPDATING file from the release you're trying to build.
>>    2. Read the current-users archive for hints.

And then you might be able to find info in both of them: (in 20081122)

Some discussions about location and structures of modules are
still on-going (and being stalled), so official documentation
about it seems pending.
Izumi Tsutsui

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