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Re: problems trying to use radeondrm

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 03:03:20PM +0200, Kurt Schreiner wrote:
> just cvs update'd -current (src and xsrc), ran ... distribution,
> installed the resulting binaries, restarted the notebook (i386) w/o
> problems. After adding "radeondrm*      at vga?" to my kernel config file,
> installing the resulting kernel and restarting again, xdm starts, sets the
> screen color as defined in /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup_0 and that's it - no greeter.
> in /var/log/messages I find:
> >-1020: egrep drm /var/log/messages
> Jun 26 14:43:04 ipaddi /netbsd: radeondrm0 at vga0: ATI FireGL M24 GL
> Jun 26 14:43:04 ipaddi /netbsd: radeondrm0: Initialized radeon 1.29.0 20080613
> Jun 26 14:43:15 ipaddi /netbsd: info: [drm] Setting GART location based on 
> new memory map
> Jun 26 14:43:15 ipaddi /netbsd: info: [drm] Loading R300 Microcode
> Jun 26 14:43:15 ipaddi /netbsd: info: [drm] Num pipes: 1
> Jun 26 14:43:15 ipaddi /netbsd: info: [drm] writeback test failed
> Jun 26 14:43:15 ipaddi /netbsd: radeondrm0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 16
> Jun 26 14:43:15 ipaddi /netbsd: info: [drm] wait idle failed status : 
> 0x80010140 0x00000000

FWIW, I see this on my T43 (Radeon Mobility X300 M22) as well; I just
installed a snapshot I build 6/23.. machine was running 5.0-branch
kernel and X from April/May before that and X + DRM was working fine.
I'm pretty sure just upgrading the kernel was enough to break this.

I've been pretty busy lately, but looking at this is on my TODO.

PS: This is my first Radeon machine running -current, but the 
external-DRM backport to netbsd-5 is running happily on my amd64 / 
RadeonHD 4650 box with the pkgsrc modular-xorg-server; I'm typing
from an X session there.

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