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Re: kqueue(2) problems - CUPS does not work

>>>>>> "Drochner" == Matthias Drochner <> 
>>>>>> writes:
>     Drochner> is anyone seeing this too?
>     Drochner> On -current, CUPS (from pkgsrc) does not work: If I try
>     Drochner> to print anything, the job stays in "processing" state
>     Drochner> forever.
> I see a similar Problem with (simple) ogg123 (out of
> pkgsrc/audio/vorbis-tools) since several days with -current userland
> and kernel on my amd64 machine:

Can you try backing out pthread.c rev 1.110 to see if that helps? (Thanks
to Tobias Nygren for finding that it is the source of similar pain in
amd64 -current w/Transmission.)

I didn't pay attention to the sementics of the change, but the commit
comment implies that it's not quite finished.

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