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Re: fails

On 17/06/2009 2:12 PM, Bruno Damour wrote:
well, I deleted everything in src and xsrc, and got the whole thing
again via cvs.
Build still fails with :

He said delete the 'object' tree, not the 'source' tree.

Depending on your invocation this may be located in various places. The default is /usr/obj with a symlink at /usr/src/obj.

Basically you want to removed anything that was previously compiled, unless you know what you are looking for.

trying to build current for 1 week keeps failing with :

nmbmake: don't know how to make dri2proto.h. Stop

That is usually caused by a 'stale' depend file.
Either delete the entire object tree, or search all the .d and .depend
files for the one that references the old file.


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