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Re: Help needed - NetBSD 5.0 - generic Apr-26 fails in fsck ..

>>>>> "tj" == Thilo Jeremias <> writes:

    tj> Asus M4A78-VM 

for these Phenom boards, always run a BIOS that was released a couple
months after the CPU you are trying to use.  I've had weird
intermittent problems on two different boards both fixed by doing
that.  The software burned onto the board is always stale, even if
it's willing to boot the newer CPU.

(problems like, crash at inconsistent places during bootup, or
randomly powerdown for no reason after 1 - 7 days irrespective of

Other people on wikipedia and AOLeet gamerz forums may advise you that
the newest BIOS's on old boards tend to be the work of junior
developers and accumulate regressions, so it may be a balancing act
between rare intermittent problems and subtle regressions.

Another thing about which I've been trying to spread the word for AMD

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