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Re: "device busy" reading file from NFS

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009, John D. Baker wrote:


The macppc client works, but has been exhibiting behavior I've never
seen before.  Running a "cvs update" on the automounted source trees
mostly works, but I've been getting a "cvs client: refetching unpatchable
files" message that I've never seen before.  It then displays the list
of files it's "U)pdating" and then sits there without exiting.  I can
interrupt it with Ctrl-C, rerun the update and as long as it doesn't
do the "refetching..." thing, it terminates on its own.

This sounds suspiciously like what I'vebeen seeing occassionally, but in my case both client and server are amd64 - and both are running 5.99.11 -current. I don't see the "refetching" message, but when my "cvs update" hangs there's always a file of zero length.

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