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Re: building distribution on amd64 fails wrote:

> But yeah, between the weird Makefiles under src/compat, the magic top-
> level targets in src/Makefile and the src/lib/Makefile shortcuts, it's
> confusing.

Hmm, src/Makefile has the following entries:
BUILDTARGETS+=  do-compat-lib-libc
BUILDTARGETS+=  do-compat-external-lib
so descends into src/compat/external/lib before
src/compat/lib/libpthread is ready.
Maybe we can simply remove do-compat-external-lib
if there is no dependency on it?

I'm not sure why we need explicit do-compat-foo targets
because compat/Makefile seems to handle dependency among libs and
I don't think there is any binary which depends on 32 bit compat libs
during build.
Izumi Tsutsui

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