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Re: state or future of LFS?

Niels Dettenbach( said 2009.04.10 14:59:44 +0000:
> So this means there is no one interested further in LFS?
No one with enough time to develop it further seems interested. :(
I would, but time simply doesn't permit me.
> > I am not aware of anything available on any of the BSDs either. I did
> > see something in FreeBSD about a geom journal facility, and apparently
> > FFS has journaling now too, but hey, it's not logging.
> Does this all means there is no one who is interested further in LFS because 
> the roadmap of FFS includes takeover of the "interesting" LFS  (o.o. like 
> ZFS) features sometimes in the future (or may be in 5.x)?

Some of the other FSs incorporate features with logging, but it's not LFS.
WAPBL may do what you want, though there are still some issues with it.

> cheers,
> Niels. 

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