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Re: state or future of LFS?

Niels Dettenbach( said 2009.04.10 14:18:00 +0000:
> what is the current usability state of the LFS (Log-structured File System)? 

AFAIK, in 5.0 it is dropped due to some kernel changes that no one wanted to
feed through into LFS.

> Did someone have practical experiences (stability, performance, handling...) 
> with LFS within productive environments? Are there any other interesting 
> alternatives under NetBSD? 

I've used it on my 4.0 machine, on an external USB drive. It's been
generally very stable and very quick. The only problems occur when the
drive fills up, usually around 80%. These problems are crashes, but I've not
seen any data loss. 
This is of course very limited experience.

> Did someone played or worked with other filesystem alternatives for large 
> hard 
> disks (i.e. some cluster FS's a.o.) then the default FFS with interesting 
> results?
IMO, there is no alternative for LFS on NetBSD. 
> Niels.

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