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Re: IPF dropping my TCP sessions

Martti Kuparinen wrote:

I have big problems with IPF 4.1.29 on NetBSD 5.0_RC2. I had two SSH sessions open and they were visible as

Source IP Destination IP ST PR #pkts #bytes ttl,36821,22 4/4 tcp 213 21388 3:58:26,45536,22 4/4 tcp 43 7668 3:59:55

Later (say 15 minutes or so, i.e. not even close to the TTL) I noticed both my SSH sessions were unresponsive so I logged into the firewall and and saw no state entries for my SSH sessions.

Anyone else having similar problems with IPF on NetBSD 5.0?

This might in fact be ipnat related as I have no problems at work were the firewall is running NetBSD/amd64 5.0_RC2 but we are using public IP addresses and no NAT at all...

I found a "solution" for my problem, I added

*/10    *       *       *       *       /sbin/ipf -F s

to /var/cron/tabs/root and now things work much better again. Here's a graph from my firewall, I installed the cron job yesterday evening so you can clearly see number of sessions go down with this flushing job.

I don't know if flushing every 10 minutes ("*/10 *") is overkill, maybe once per hour ("* */1") or so would be enough. Anyway, so far everything has been stable without any connection breaks...


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