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Issues with WAPBL and Apple UFS partition

Hello, back in RC1 I tried enabling WAPBL on some Apple UFS partitions not knowing that it was incompatible. Sadly this messed up the partition and now I can't mount it anymore and get an "incorrect superblock" error. With a dd image of the disk, I tried switching the partition type from "Apple UFS" to 4.2BSD in the disklabel. The partition now mounts properly, however a lot of files are missing. Running fsck_ffs (with -a) didn't help either. df -h still reports the "old" (proper) disk usage and running du -sh reported a bunch of "file does not exist" error before it KP'ed the machine. Anyhow, I'd really like to revert what ever WAPBL did to my partition to recover the data. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks a lot,

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