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pkgsrc programs crash after 4.99.73 -> 5.99.8 upgrade

I upgraded my kernel and userland from 4.99.73 to 5.99.8.  Since then,
some programs that I installed from pkgsrc before the upgrade will
crash.  The crash circumstances suggest that the programs may read
bigger-than-expected 'struct passwd' from the password database, in that
way clobbering variables and causing a crash later.  In other words,
this may be 64-bit time_t fallout.

The reason I think tcsh is reading password entries before it crashes is
that when I try to tab-complete a user's home directory,

> ls ~dyoun<Tab>
Segmentation fault

Mutt crashes, too, when I try to send an email to, say, 'fubar' without
qualifying the username with a FQDN ('').  It stands 
reason that mutt may lookup the username in the password database in the
former case, but not in the latter.



David Young             OJC Technologies      Urbana, IL * (217) 278-3933

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