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Re: Xorg 100% cpu with gnome

> I removed applets from my panel one at a time, and chmod'd things like
> nautilus and metacity to 0 and killed them, until I was left with
> gnome-session and xterm, and still Xorg was pegged.

There may be more than one underlying reason for these various
problems we are seeing.  This one might be cured by


revision aka. 1.2, which entered netbsd-5 on March
18.  The commit message points to

which mentions the gnome screen saver triggering this problem.

However, even though I used code from after this date from the
netbsd-5 branch, I was still seeing consistently higher than
expected CPU load in my Xorg process.  I may have found a
workaround for my problem, though -- in my case it helped to
force the radeonhd driver to use the older XAA accelleration
method, and not the newer EXA method, by doing:

Section "Device"
  Driver "radeonhd"
  Option "AccelMethod" "XAA"

I must admit that I do not have any idea about what the deeper
reason was for the observed behaviour prior to applying this
config change.

Best regards,

- Håvard

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