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Re: nice error

Oh, fudge!

Thanks for the clue.

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009, Michael van Elst wrote: (Paul Goyette) writes:

I just noticed the following:

        {199} nice -n 5 ls
        nice: Badly formed number.

             nice [-n increment] utility [argument ...]

You are mixing up the csh-builtin with /usr/bin/nice. From csh(1):

          nice +number
          nice command
          nice +number command
                  The first form sets the scheduling priority for this shell
                  to 4.  The second form sets the priority to the given
                  number.  The final two forms run command at priority 4 and
                  number respectively.  The greater the number, the less CPU
                  the process will get.  The super-user may specify negative
                  priority by using `nice -number ...'.  Command is always
                  executed in a sub-shell, and the restrictions placed on
                  commands in simple if statements apply.

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