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free Windows Xserver program nomination party


It's not necessary for you to have VMware / Xen installed
in your PC to have joyful world of UNIX/X environment.  With
correctly engineered Xserver programs, your Windows PC
can utilize the network nature of X window environment. Do
you have ever heard about X terminal?  That's way I am
about to recommend to use instead.

Now let to have free Windows Xserver program nomination
party.  Criteria would be;

1. in terms of how complete and how useful,
2. availablties,
3. Is it capable to c'nd-paste back-and-forward between
Windows and X application _correctly_?  Even for beyond
compound text age for modern days?  In my personal
experience, I had a very very hardship to do that for OOo2
with ill-engineered dm-s' (display managers) other than
4. the number of stars is for rate.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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