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one minute guide to use headless X window


I've just started wondering that these days fancy desktop
morons overwhelmed "the correct way to use X" of old
g'days.  Here is the very short summary to meet nostalgia.

1. rm Xservers; ln -s Xservers.fs Xservers
2. de-#  for '#*' line in xdm-config
3. !-out "DisplayManager.requestPort" line.
4. if prefer, add "DisplayManager.sourceAddress: True" line.
$DISPLAY will have decimal dotted notation hostname which
may be useful for multiple NIC environment.
5. cat <<EoF > $HOME/.xsession; chmod 755 $HOME/.xsession
xterm &

And then try to ping XDM with correctly engineered xdm capable
Xserver program and see what X window desktop should look
like.  You would have entertainments to tune the .xsession file

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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