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Re: status for Marvell Orion support

> I put current source and diff.

Thanks for this!

I applied this to a local netbsd-5 source tree, and built it.

There appears to be a build problem in if_oriongbe.c, line 504,
"status" is undeclared in oriongbe_intr().  I replaced it with

I also added a KUROBOX_PRO_INSTALL kernel config (patterned after
the other *_INSTALL configs), and added KURBOX_PRO to the
EVBARM_BOARDS setting in etc/etc.evbarm/  I also had
to comment out "pseudo-device md 1" in ORION_NAS, to allow the
definition in INSTALL to not conflict in the KUROBOX_PRO_INSTALL
kernel.  With those changes in place, a release build (without
X11, in my case) completed.

However, I also think I need to add an entry to the TARGETS
variable setting in distrib/evbarm/gzboot/gzimg/Makefile, and I
can't quite figure out what to put in the RELOC_ADDR field, as
there doesn't seem to be any correspondence between RELOC_ADDR
and the setting of KERNEL_BASE_EXT in the kernel configs.  Any
hints for where to dig out the relevant RELOC_ADDR setting?


- Håvard

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