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Re: netbsd-5 and NFS-booted ipfilter firewall

At 1:10 Uhr -0500 22.2.2009, Louis Guillaume wrote:
>On netbsd-5, my firewall hangs after installing NAT rules for ipfilter.
>The firewall is netbooted.

Uhh... Sit on branch, have saw?

>Turn ipfilter off and the machine boots
>without interruption. Revert to netbsd-4 and everything works properly.

And the rule sets are?

>After reading a few threads that seem similar, I experimented with
>setting nfsd to run udp-only, but that didn't help.

Like any RPC, nfs is tricky to pass through a packet filter, in that you
need to enable something like ports [512,1024] in addition to rpc and nfs -
or ask the nfs server rpcbind for the ports used by nfs.


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