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Re: -current amd64 diagnostic panic while loading compat_linux32 module twice

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 01:27:59AM +0100, Nicolas Joly wrote:

> > Can you try changing uvm_map_setup to uvm_map_setup_kernel and see if that
> > helps? If not print the vm_map structure with "show map module_map_store".
> Not sure about that change, it doesn't compile. uvm_map_setup() use a
> struct vm_map, but uvm_map_setup_kernel() use struct vm_map_kernel
> which looks like a different beast ...

Ah, ok. You would need to change module_map_store to be a vm_map_kernel. The
symbol should be defined in machdep.c already. module_map would then point
to &module_map_store.vmk_map. Once done you should be able to change the
call in amd64/machdep.c to uvm_map_setup_kernel(). I think this will fix the

> objdump -h output attached.

That's not too bad at all, thanks. What about the LOAD sections? You can see
them with objdump -x at least.


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