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Altq, cdnr and input traffic conditioning under NetBSD-4.x, does it work?

        Hello.  I have been using altq(4) under NetBSD-3.x and NetBSD-4.x for
a number of years with great success.  that is, until now.
        Recently, I've had a need to limit the rate of input traffic on an
interface on one of my NetBSD-3 boxes.  My configuration looks like this:

#List the interfaces here to be given the special treatment
interface vlan15 bandwidth 5.5m priq

#Now, specify classes and filters for each interface.  We have to do two classes
#per interface, the normal class and the high priority one.
class priq vlan15 expedited_grade NULL priority 1
class priq vlan15 standard_grade NULL priority 0 default
filter vlan15 expedited_grade 0 0 0 0 0 tos 0xb8 tosmask 0xfc
conditioner vlan15 15_input_speed <tbmeter 5m 10k <pass><drop>>

        The input limiter absolutely doesn't work under NetBSD-3, it seems,
and I've found some other posts on the web that seem to confirm this.
        I have a NetBSD-4 build of this box, which is an embeded system, which
I could deploy in this application, but it's not a trivial exercise to do
so.  So, I'm wondering if anyone has used and can report whether the input
traffic conditioner actually works to limit traffic on input traffic under
        I can say with certainty that output traffic shaping works under
NetBSD-3 and NetBSD-4 without a problem.  Also, I'll note that I'm only
passing IPV4 traffic, in case that matters.

        Any thoughts or experiences anyone would care to share would be
greatly appreciated.


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