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No network after 5.99.5 to 5.99.7 upgrade (fxp, dhclient problems)


after booting a 5.99.7 kernel on i386 dhclient is no longer willing
to obtain a lease for an IP adress from its server.
As far as I can see, the corresponding DHCPREQUEST,DHCPDISCOVER etc 
frames never leave my fxp network card (at least are not seen on
another machine on the same network).
All traffic that comes in over the card seems to be garbled (dumped via 
tcpdump), i.e. only nonsense data comes in, if data comes in at all.

And, yes COMPAT_50 is in the kernel.
Old and new userland seem to react the same (dhclient).

Has there been any other change that may cause this behaviour?
Has anybody else seen this?

dmsg of 5.99.7 boot is attached, as well as kernel config.
The only diff in 5.99.5 vs. 5.99.7 dmesg output ist the ordering of enumeration 
of the uhub* ...

Best regards.....

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Thesing
Elektrastr. 50
81925 München

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