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Re: slapd memory fault

matthew sporleder wrote:
On 2/17/09, Sarton O'Brien <> wrote:
 Now it's been a while but I am pretty sure it should populate the

You should have had those __db.xxxx files to keep your slapd database
functional and in-sync with dn2id and id2entry.  That's why I
suggested a db_recover.  See if that segfaults.

Ok, my apologies. I see what you are elluding to. My thought was to merely get it running. Due to the db46 package not changing for a while, I had overlooked it and hadn't recompiled it.

So yes, it was the libraries, now functioning perfectly.

Thanks for prompting me in the right direction.

Out of curiosity, will db47 ever be used or is it likely that db46 will remain for the 'foreseeable' future?


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