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Re: No network after 5.99.5 to 5.99.7 upgrade (fxp, dhclient problems)


following up to myself:-)
After digging a little bit, the cause of the the problem is
in sys/dev/pci/if_fxp_pci.c.
With rev 1.61 of that file, chip feature detection was moved from the
backend file dev/ic/i82557.c here.

Unfortunately, it's wrong.
For my network card (Intel Pro 100 VM 6 rev 2), the features for flow
control, etc (FXPF_FC, FXPF_EXT_TXCB, FXPF_EXT_RFA, FXPF_IPCB) are now
turned on, while previously, they were only turned on for rev >= 4, i.e.
not for my card (default: branch in attach).

In the default branch, the decision to turn on these features should again
be based on PCI_REV number (doing so makes my card work again:-)

Best regards....

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Thesing
Elektrastr. 50
81925 München

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