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Re: Two NetBSDs: from Desktop NetBSD needs your help

Cem Kayali wrote:

Well, i'm one of the list member that use NetBSD as primary desktop / notebook operating system in daily business life, browsing, mailing, photo editing, database management, net based application devolopment, etc. etc.

I've tried gnome, kde, xfce and openbox as desktop environment and window manager and in short choosing right desktop environment strongly depends on your desktop pleasures and your needs. I generally prefer KDE but most of the reasons why i prefer KDE is SUBJECTIVE! I believe most of yours are subjective too.

As a result, i really dont care which one is preferred, but i believe a desktop netbsd would be quite good. So use easy-to-integrate one.

Thanks Cem. Are there any specific applications (or class of applications) missing from the proposed meta-meta-package list that you feel are must-haves for an out of the box environment? Not so much development tools, but everyday types of things.


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