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Re: Make options

Is there a way to define default options for use by make in
building/updating the pkgsrc system?

I'm running on a dual processor quad core machine, and would like make to
always use the -j 9 to utilize all the cores.

When I use pkg_chk to do updates, I don't see a way to insert that option.

Put the following in /etc/mk.conf:


And then be prepared to manage local package Makefiles which fail to build in parallel, e.g. games/xpat2. They'll need the following to be added:


It is not that simple, sometimes it fails to build but in other cases
it builds but the result is broken. Thats for pkgsrc, basesrc is ok.


For builds like -j9, sometimes there might not be enough memory in the system (especially for c++ programs) and the build will crash.

I use multi-threaded builds on my system (with distcc on architectures different than the host) and have never encountered a broken executable.


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