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Re: HEADS UP: panic behaviour changed

On 01.02.2009, Robert Elz wrote:
> I have no particular opinion on which default is better, nor do I really
> care, I build my own kernels anyway and set the options the way I like them.
> I would assume that most people here can (and should) do the same.
> So, which is the default as distributed really applies (or should apply)
> to those regular users who don't build their own kernels, and just keep
> running GENERIC (personally, I think that should amount to no-one at all,
> so I don't think this is a very important issue.)

I must ask: what is exactly again wrong with GENERIC?

It seems kind of counterproductive to argue that all "those regular users"
should be tinkering with their kernels -- all "those regular users" who run
CURRENT [sic], the main development branch that presumably benefits from the
unified baseline.

Kind regards,

Jukka R.

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