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Re: HEADS UP: panic behaviour changed

Andrew Doran wrote:
I changed it so that the debugger is no longer automatically entered if the
system panics. Dropping to the debugger is especially inappropriate if the
victim is on call or using X at the time.

It will just dump and reboot now. To enter the debugger automatically set
ddb.onpanic=1 in /etc/sysctl.conf.

There's some scope for improvement here, for example waiting a few seconds
and prompting before reboot..

What do you mean by this? Have you just changed the default of ddb.onpanic to 0? I mean, it's not like the system necessarily entered ddb before either. If someone manage systems remote, I would hope they had already set ddb.onpanic appropriately before this, or otherwise they didn't know what they were doing anyway, and changing this default will not make them suddenly become competent.


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