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odd v6 error message

On a netbsd-5 (jan 8th) box A I am getting:

nd6_storelladdr: sdl_alen == 0, dst=[global-v6:], if=wm0

The target B is on the same lan, running netbsd-4.  I can ping the target
From another netbsd-4 box C, but it's also the v6/v4 router for the link.

I do not see any icmp6 ND packets going out and I do not see an entry in
'ndp -an'.

From the netbsd-5 box A I can ping the subnet router C with no issues.

I pinged the netbsd-5 box A from the box B, and saw icmp6 ND packets.
Now I can ping either direction A/B.

So it seems like there is something wonky with initiating nd6 from

Is anyone else seeing this?

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