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Re: i386 and the COMPAT_50 option

I guess people know my take on this, but here's another proposition:

On Sun Jan 25 2009 at 15:12:43 +0000, Andrew Doran wrote:
> >     2. Always compile the hooks in the kernel, not conditionally.
> >        + Bloat
> >        - Difficult to separate compat and non-compat code.

I don't see bloat as a plus ;)

> 6. Make native compatibility non-optional. Weeping and gnashing of teeth
>    ensues.

Always include non-modularized compat by default, but flip the defs and
provide NO_COMPAT for the people who must compile their own kernels and
just can't live with compat compiled in.  That way the people who want
to ultratweak can continue to do so, but we give a strong statement of
what is considered default and don't have to maintain an evergrowing
list of compat options in hundreds of config files.

(fwiw, we really really should completely drop e.g. COMPAT_43 ioctls)

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