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Re: agp and Intel Q45 chipset.

On Fri, 23 Jan 2009, Arnaud Lacombe wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 11:12 PM, Mark Davies <> 
> > I'm trying to get X running on a machine with the Intel Q45
> > chipset. Current doesn't quite know about it in terms of agp
> > support so I've added the following:
> > agp0 at pchb0: detected 32768k stolen memory
> > agp0: aperture at 0xd0000000, size 0x0
> >
> > But when I try to start X I get:
> >
> > agp0: binding memory at bad offset 0x1fff000
> >
> > and in the Xorg.log:
> >
> > (II) intel(0): xf86BindGARTMemory: bind key 0 at 0x01fff000
> > (pgoffset 8191)
> > (WW) intel(0): xf86BindGARTMemory: binding of gart memory with
> > key 0 at offset 0x1fff000 failed (Invalid argument)
> Known problem, AFAIK this happens when the asked resolution is too
> high,

Indeed, if I have a 1280x1024 monitor on the machine X starts, if I 
have 1680x1050 or two 1280x1024 I get the above.  Presumably with the 
smaller monitor its surviving with the 32M of stolen memory, however 
even then when I exit and restart X things hang or the system 
reboots :-(

> we are missing a page in the GTT resulting in the bug you 
> (and other) encounter. IIRC the fix require a trivial kernel fix
> and an update of the X driver, which is not in pkgsrc.

What was the trivial kernel fix?


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