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Re: reproducible crash with amd64/SMP (with file system trouble)

[Steven M. Bellovin]
>> > Running 5.99.6 from 10 January, my system crashes reproducibly when
>> > building apr from pkgsrc.  It has happened three different times.
>> > Twice, fsck gave up because of duplicate i-nodes, so I had to run it
>> > manually.
>> [...]

[Pouya D. Tafti]
>> I just compiled devel/apr on a Thinkpad T400 running -current/amd64
>> built from today's sources without any problem.

[Steven M. Bellovin]
> I'm seeing the same problem even with last night's kernel.  I'm now
> running uniprocessor...

Um, yesterday I updated both the kernel and the userland, from 5.99.3
to 5.99.7 (using sources from 12:20 UTC, 17 Jan.).  A second build of
apr today was again successful.

I am running a custom kernel with LKM, and with IPV6 disabled.

Pouya D. Tafti

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