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Re: NetBSD-5 Source Acquisition

On Jun 2,  7:37am, Graham Jenkins wrote:
} A couple of weeks ago, I acquired the binary sets from
} I also acquired sys.tar.gz so that I could build a new kernel.
} And then I discovered that I'll also need src.tgz. The problem is that

     source/syssrc.tgz is intended to be standalone.  You will find
this in the individual NetBSD-daily subdirectories.

} it's not there any more.  And there there don't seem to be any new daily
} builds.

There is a new one there now:

You can get status reports at

} Does this mean that NetBSD is about to be released?  Or the i386

     No.  The daily builds will continue until it is released.
Currently NetBSD 5.0 is in beta state.  It will go through at least 1
rc state prior to release.

} daily-build person has become a Linux (or Windows!) disciple?  Or?

     It's an automated process.  The process is monitored by the
release engineering team with help from the admin team when needed.

} And how is one supposed to easily acquire current source tar files?

     "-current" or "netbsd-5"?  The former is defined as the
developement sources.  Either way you can get them from the ftp
server.  You get it from the NetBSD-current/tar_files or the
NetBSD-5_BETA/tar_files directory on the ftp server.

}-- End of excerpt from Graham Jenkins

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