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Re: NetBSD-5 Source Acquisition

On 01/10 13:02, Graham Jenkins wrote:
> A couple of weeks ago, I acquired the binary sets from
> I also acquired sys.tar.gz so that I could build a new kernel.
> And then I discovered that I'll also need src.tgz. The problem is that
> it's not there any more.  And there there don't seem to be any new daily
> builds.
> Does this mean that NetBSD is about to be released?  Or the i386
> daily-build person has become a Linux (or Windows!) disciple?  Or?
> And how is one supposed to easily acquire current source tar files?


You are quite right that the source accompanying your particular daily
build is no longer available through ftp.  We delete old daily builds to
save space, so that's why the build from December 29 is gone.

Let me assure you that the daily build person has not become a Linux
disciple.  It is an automated process on a build cluster, so there's
little danger of its interests changing :)

Anyway, to answer your question, you can find source sets in any of the
daily builds of netbsd-5.  For example,

However, with that being said, the standard method of tracking the NetBSD
source tree is by using cvs.

For example, to checkout a copy of the entire src tree for the netbsd-5
branch, you might use:
cvs checkout -rnetbsd-5 -P src

To update it, cvs update -dP

See to find the mirror closest to

Your friendly 5.0 release engineer,

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