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Re: Problems with NetBSD 5.0 BETA

Steven M. Bellovin writes:
> > First problem is that when I try to compile the NetBSD I get
> > segmentation fault - internal compiler errors on different files when
> > compiling. When I continue using "./ -u -x release" it usually
> > goes forward and after 3-4 times I get everything compiled. I cvs
> > updated the source code 2009-01-05, compiled everything (by trying
> > enough times to get it done), installed kernel, rebooted, installed
> > userland, rebooted, and tried again and I am still getting those.
> That's almost certainly a memory problem -- run memtestplus from pkgsrc.

Yep, it was memory problem. I booted the memtest from the ubuntu
install cd (perhaps netbsd should have memtest on their install cd
too, as it is very useful tool) and it failed after few hours.

I actually assumed this, but as sometimes memory problems take very
long time to reproduce, I wanted to first ask if is more general
problem or not before starting to run memtest for several days. I once
needed to run memtest for 48 hours before it cause an error to occur,
but the machine was usually crashing every few days in normal use
because of the broken memory.

I removed the broken memory now, and now I need to run memtest for few
days to see if it now works better before I can get back to
reinstalling the machine. 

> > So if someone has newish (from this year) NetBSD 5.0 running, try
> > changing root-fs to not have softdep option on boot, reboot, login,
> > remount root-fs to have softdep option using "mount -o softdep -u /",
> > run vi /etc/fstab and see if kernel panics. If it does or does not,
> > send email to me, so I will know whether to submit bug report or
> > not...

I guess nobody has yet confirmed this on known to be working hardware?
I will check this after I have first confirmed that the my HW is now
really working, but that will most likely take several days.

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