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Problems with NetBSD 5.0 BETA

I have been trying to put NetBSD 5.0 beta up, but I have had so my
problems, that I think that either my hardware is broken, or there is
something seriously wrong...

First problem is that when I try to compile the NetBSD I get
segmentation fault - internal compiler errors on different files when
compiling. When I continue using "./ -u -x release" it usually
goes forward and after 3-4 times I get everything compiled. I cvs
updated the source code 2009-01-05, compiled everything (by trying
enough times to get it done), installed kernel, rebooted, installed
userland, rebooted, and tried again and I am still getting those.

Has anybody seen any of that kind of behavior. If not I guess there is
something wrong with my hardware (it is AMD x2 64 but I needed to
disable ACPI and SMP to get interrupts working on my adaptec scsi card
I have attached to it, the machine is booting and running from ATA
disks using raidframe).

Another problem which might actually be actual bug, but I do not want
to submit bug report if it is just my hardware faulting there too is

Boot up, mount root (using raidframe, not sure if that is related)
without softdep, log in, remount root with softdep (mount -o softdep
-u /), run vi /etc/fstab to add softdep option there, and get instant
kernel panic. I have multiple crash dumps of this so I can submit bug
report, but would like to rule out hardware first.

So if someone has newish (from this year) NetBSD 5.0 running, try
changing root-fs to not have softdep option on boot, reboot, login,
remount root-fs to have softdep option using "mount -o softdep -u /",
run vi /etc/fstab and see if kernel panics. If it does or does not,
send email to me, so I will know whether to submit bug report or

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