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Re: Problems with NetBSD 5.0 BETA

On Wed, 7 Jan 2009, Tero Kivinen wrote:

I have been trying to put NetBSD 5.0 beta up, but I have had so my
problems, that I think that either my hardware is broken, or there is
something seriously wrong...

First problem is that when I try to compile the NetBSD I get
segmentation fault - internal compiler errors on different files when
compiling. When I continue using "./ -u -x release" it usually
goes forward and after 3-4 times I get everything compiled. I cvs
updated the source code 2009-01-05, compiled everything (by trying
enough times to get it done), installed kernel, rebooted, installed
userland, rebooted, and tried again and I am still getting those.

I frequently run into "internal compiler error" messages due to SEGV in GCC when I build -current on 4.0/amd64. Usually when building parts of libstdc++ or similar. The problem is nothing else than this: the default (k)sh ulimit for data size in 4.0/amd64 is 256MB, and gcc/g++ occassionally hits that limit and dies. Raising the ulimit solves the problem, but I keep forgetting to put it in /etc/profile... :-)

Not sure if your problem is as simple as this -- the fact that it doesn't always die every time on the same files seems to contradict it, but I thought it was worth mentioning. YMMV.

Best regards,

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