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amd64 and UDF filesystem testing

Hi folks,

some of you tried out the UDF filesystem on amd64 machines on either -current
or on 5.0_beta and failed.

What turned out to be the problem is that for amd64 most FS's are in-kernel
except UDF and thus is loaded trough an kernel module. Curiously in 5.0 this
results in the LKM not being loadable due to lots of linking errors and when
loaded as an kmod it either fails or with the new modload versions panic on

What turns out to be is that kmod loading on amd64 was broken and only
recently fixed. The solution is thus simple: use a -current enough kernel and
if you want to be on the safe side, build a kernel with UDF included.

Tip 0: use the raw partion for CD/DVD work; the disclabel for cd's is about to
be fixed to indicate this.

Tip 1: please do keep in mind that out-of-disc space checks are not fully
implemented and can cause problems if too much is written to it.

Tip 2: When testing on Flash media, mount with -async; this will significantly
improve performance.

With regards,

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