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Re: [HEADS-UP] NetBSD LVM support

Good work, thanks.

2008/12/24 Adam Hamsik <>:
> Hi folks,
> I would like to give you small christmas gift ;). I want to announce, to
> people who
> do not follow source-changes closely that from yesterday NetBSD has a
> Logical Volume
> Manager functionality in base system(For those who ask wtf? is the LVM it is
> simple system used to create/resize/delete virtual partitions from in system
> storage
> space[1], [2]).
> HOWTO get NetBSD with LVM
> You need to build system from sources with flag MKLVM set to yes.
> e.g.
> $cd /usr/src
> $./ -u -U -V MKLVM=yes distribution
> After successful build create sets and update system with them. You can also
> run make
> install (as root) in src/external/gpl2/lvm2 to install userland part of LVM
> into
> the existing NetBSD system. There is also simple driver used by LVM2 tools
> in our kernel
> in src/sys/modules/dm you have to install and load this driver before you
> test lvm.
> The NetBSD LVM uses same tools as Linux and therefore we have the same user
> interface as
> is used in many common linux distributions. [3], [4]
> LVM use cases:
> In server with more than one disk you can create one big Volume group from
> one or more disks
> and create used partitions on it. If you later find out that choosen size of
> Logical Partition
> is too small for your usage you can resize it with lvresize command(You can
> also resize
> Volume Group with vgresize).
> On XEN server you can create Logical partition for ever system and you don't
> need to used files/vnds
> anymore. LV's can be easily resized, so you don't need to add new disks to
> domU when machine fills
> it disk.
> TODO tasks:
> Currently I haven't integrated LVM with our sysinst, it is not possible to
> use Logical Volume for /
> partition, but other partitions as /usr /var should be ok if you use this
> [5]rc.d script to start Volumes
> before mounting. We don't have snapshot support for logical volumes (I want
> to look at it soon). Add
> new targets.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> Regards
> Adam.

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