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[HEADS-UP] NetBSD LVM support

Hi folks,

I would like to give you small christmas gift ;). I want to announce, to people who do not follow source-changes closely that from yesterday NetBSD has a Logical Volume Manager functionality in base system(For those who ask wtf? is the LVM it is simple system used to create/resize/delete virtual partitions from in system storage
space[1], [2]).

HOWTO get NetBSD with LVM

You need to build system from sources with flag MKLVM set to yes.

$cd /usr/src
$./ -u -U -V MKLVM=yes distribution

After successful build create sets and update system with them. You can also run make install (as root) in src/external/gpl2/lvm2 to install userland part of LVM into the existing NetBSD system. There is also simple driver used by LVM2 tools in our kernel in src/sys/modules/dm you have to install and load this driver before you test lvm. The NetBSD LVM uses same tools as Linux and therefore we have the same user interface as
is used in many common linux distributions. [3], [4]

LVM use cases:
In server with more than one disk you can create one big Volume group from one or more disks and create used partitions on it. If you later find out that choosen size of Logical Partition is too small for your usage you can resize it with lvresize command(You can also resize
Volume Group with vgresize).

On XEN server you can create Logical partition for ever system and you don't need to used files/vnds anymore. LV's can be easily resized, so you don't need to add new disks to domU when machine fills
it disk.

TODO tasks:

Currently I haven't integrated LVM with our sysinst, it is not possible to use Logical Volume for / partition, but other partitions as /usr /var should be ok if you use this [5]rc.d script to start Volumes before mounting. We don't have snapshot support for logical volumes (I want to look at it soon). Add
new targets.



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