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Re: nfs vs nfsserver

On Mon, 22 Dec 2008, Andrew Doran wrote:

I was trying to build a port-amd64 kernel which is an NFS server.  (It
is also an NFS client, but I intend to load the kernel nfs module for

That's not a supported configuration at this time because the NFS build
process is too complicated. As a module nfsserver requires nfs. For static
builds you should be able to either component in isolation but that is only
to preserve the existing behaviour. The two mutually exclusive paths are:

- one or both built into the kernel
- nfs or nfs+nfsserver as modules

Ah, kewl.  Thanks.  I'll load them both as modules.

So perhaps both references to the variable should simply be replaced by
the NFS_MAXUIDHASH macro, and eliminate the variable completely?

Comments?  Other alternatives?

Please don't eliminate the variable as it's a tuneable that can be patched
in the field without a recompile. It could live in nfs_subs.c.

Hmmm. Since the only two uses of the variable seem to limit the size of totally different lists, maybe they should have been two separate variables? :)

I'll leave them alone.

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