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Re: semi-frequent 5.0_BETA crashes on SGI O2

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 2:36 PM, Rafal Boni <> wrote:
>        Anyone seen this / have an clues?  I didn't have a lot of time
>        to dig into it at the time, but I do have a coredump I can dig
>        into.

I don't have any useful information for you unfortunately.

Do you suspect that it's related to ahc? Is there a lot of activity on
it (the scsi bus) when the thing hangs up?

My Qube2 hangs up not too frequently, but frequently enough. It hangs
a whole lot less frequently now that I've disabled wapbl (logging) via
the fstab. Do you have that enabled? Not sure it's related to this
problem but it would be interesting to hear your experience with it.

I should try to catch what's happening with mine with those kernel
options to compare notes.


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