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Re: [PATCH] nvi to dont open dirs

matthew sporleder( said 2008.12.20 21:30:34 
> On 12/20/08, Adam Hoka <> wrote:
> >  I think this patch wont cause any harm, but I think its better to ask.
> >  Anyone objects this? Basically this wont let nvi open a directory for 
> > "editing".
> >  I happen to open dirs accidentaly. :-)
> I'm not advocating, but vim turns into a little file browser when you
> open a directory, which  isn't too bad.

That's actually one of the behaviours I don't like, emacsifying vim. It's a
text editor and it should remain just that.
Personally I can't see much use for opening directories in vi, so the patch
seems like a good idea.


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