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postinstall versus etcupdate for some rc.d scripts

Today I upgraded from 4.99.73 to today's 5.0_BETA.

I ran "sudo ./ -U install=/" and it suggested:

/home/reed/src/usr.sbin/postinstall/postinstall -s '/home/reed/src' -d // 
fix defaults makedev motd mtree periodic rc obsolete

which I ran, but that replaced etc/daily and some rc.d scripts (dmesg, 
network, and wpa_supplicant).

I am curious because etcupdate handled different scripts.

Why are some handled by postinstall and some are not? (For one example, 
why was /etc/powerd/scripts/acadapter script handled by etcupdate but rc.d 
scripts handled by postinstall?)

  Jeremy C. Reed

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