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etcupdate and mtree files without metadata

Today I upgraded from 4.99.73 to today's 5.0_BETA.

I installed using "sudo ./ -U install=/"

and then ran the suggested:

/home/reed/src/usr.sbin/postinstall/postinstall -s '/home/reed/src' -d //
fix defaults makedev motd mtree periodic rc obsolete

and then ran:

 sudo etcupdate -s /home/reed/src -v -l

It showed many differences with mtree files. I chose "d" to not install 
any of these.

The temproot mtree files only listed the filenames without any metadata, 
while the mtree files (generated today) include the type, uname, gname, 
mode, sha1 metadata.

I am not sure yet where the mtree specification files in the etcupdate's 
temproot came from.

But seems like an error to me.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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