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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch/i386/stand/lib

On Apr 1,  5:11am, Christos Zoulas wrote:
} Module Name:  src
} Committed By: christos
} Date:         Sun Dec 14 17:03:43 UTC 2008
} Modified Files:
}       src/sys/arch/i386/stand/lib: biosdisk.h biosmca.h biospci.c bootinfo.c
}           bootinfo_memmap.c bootmenu.c comio_direct.c dosfile.c exec.c
}           getextmemx.c getsecs.c isadma.c isadmavar.h isapnp.c isapnpvar.h
}           menuutils.c parseutils.c pcivar.h pread.c printmemlist.c
} Log Message:
} ANSI and KNF from Anon Ymous

     Why are we doing stuff like this while in release mode?

}-- End of excerpt from Christos Zoulas

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