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Re: Intel GM45 agp support


I have a GM45 integrated grahics. And I can run X without agp support
(but in 16bits only du to small memory problem). This is Xorg from
current pkgsrc.

I had the same broken display when returning to console but I resolve
this with the followings options for the intel Xorg driver:

Option          "DRI"           "Off"
Option          "SWCursor"      "On"
Option          "Tiling"        "On"
Option          "DDC"           "On"
Option          "XVideo"        "On"
Option          "PageFlip"      "On"
Option          "TripleBuffer"  "Off"
Option          "AccelMethod"   "XAA"
Option          "XvMC"          "On"
Option          "MTRR"          "On"

Returning to console works fine. And not problem to stop and
restart X. 

I will try your patch as soon as possible.


Greetings from Paris,

Arnaud Lacombe à écris:
> Hi Folks,
> We currently have no support for Intel GM45 chipset family. Machines
> with integrated graphics chipset of this family are thus unable to run
> X. The following patch rework Intel AGP detection and add support for
> this chip series. It has been inspired by both FreeBSD and OpenBSD
> patches. It makes X (from pkgsrc) work mostly fine.
> The only trouble with this patch is that I am unable to go back to
> console :-( Killing X or switching VT results in a "crazy" display,
> like a sync trouble. All the text is condensed in the top of the
> screen. Typing blindly works, X can be restarted and will work great.
> I think I am missing a few bits (or something is broken in the Intel X
> driver).
> Is there any AGP guru who could help me fixing the code ?
> Thanks in advance,
>  - Arnaud

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