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NetBSD-5 build failures.


I run a "cvs up" from anoncvs over my netbsd-5 tree on Nov 22.
The test machine is a:
mainbus0 (root): SUNW,UltraAX-i2 (Netra T1 200): hostid 830bf207
cpu0 at mainbus0: SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIe @ 500 MHz, UPA id 0

NetBSD Kriggle 5.0_BETA NetBSD 5.0_BETA (GENERIC) #0: Fri Nov  7

I invoked
./ -j 4 -m sparc64 \
        -D /usr/src/release-5/destdir/sparc64 \
        -O /usr/src/release-5/objdir/sparc64 \
        -T /usr/src/release-5/tooldir \
        -R /usr/src/release-5/releasedir \
        -X /usr/src/release-5/xsrc -x -U release
Note the "-j 4" despite this is a single CPU machine.
I added it to stress-test the machine.

This faild with:
--- ftperr.h ---
/usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ ftp_errlist F
TP  /usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ftp.errors > ftperr.
sh: /usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ permissi
on denied
--- dependall-../bsd/openldap/lib ---
dependall ===> external/lib/../bsd/openldap/lib/liblber
--- dependall-../bsd/fetch/lib ---
*** [ftperr.h] Error code 126
--- httperr.h ---
*** [httperr.h] Error code 126
2 errors

nbmake: stopped in /usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/lib
*** [dependall-../bsd/fetch/lib] Error code 2

I suspected a "-j 4" race. So I removed {dest,obj,tool,release}dir
and stated without "-j 4". Same failure:
dependall ===> external/lib/../bsd/fetch/lib
/usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ ftp_errlist 
FTP  /usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ftp.errors > 
sh: /usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ 
permission denied

*** Failed target:  ftperr.h
*** Failed command: 
/usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ ftp_errlist 
FTP /usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ftp.errors > 
*** Error code 126

I set /usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ 
executable by hand and restarted the build with "-u".

This time it faild:
#   compile  lib/ftp.ln
/usr/src/release-5/tooldir/bin/sparc64--netbsd-lint -chapbxzFS -d 
/usr/src/release-5/destdir/sparc64/usr/include  -I. -DNETBSD -DFTP_COMBINE_CWDS 
/usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ftp.c(145): warning: 
pointer casts may be troublesome [247]
/usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ftp.c(146): warning: 
possible pointer alignment problem [135]
/usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ftp.c(146): warning: 
pointer casts may be troublesome [247]
/usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ftp.c(183): ftp_errlist 
undefined [99]
/usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ftp.c(183): warning: 
illegal combination of pointer and integer, arg #1 [154]
/usr/src/release-5/src/external/bsd/fetch/dist/libfetch/ftp.c(238): warning: 
conversion from 'unsigned long' to 'int' may lose accuracy [132]

I had the same problems compiling netbsd-5 around Nov 7.
There are successfull builds of netbsd-5 on
So this errors depends somehow on my build environement.
Anyone seeing similar problems when building on "unusual"
(i.e. non i386) build hosts?



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